Sorum Diamonds – Fair Price and Best Value in Large Fancy Yellow and White Stones


IMG_1163If you are looking for large, unique diamonds, especially fancy yellows, Sorum Diamonds is an excellent place to begin. Founded by Meir Hershler and Michel Klein in 1992, the company today specializes in manufacturing very large and special fancy yellow and white diamonds, mainly in fancy shapes, of 5 to 50 carats.

Both Meir and Michel have the diamond industry in their genes. Jerusalem-born Meir is a second generation diamond manufacturer – both his father and father-in-law owned polishing factories. Michel, originally from Belgium, is a third generation diamantaire on his father’s side and fourth generation on his father-in-law’s.

Meir and Michel, like most ultra-Orthodox men, studied in yeshiva before joining the business. They began to supplement their religious studies with professional training, with Meir working as a diamond polisher and Michel studying diamond polishing and gemology.

The two met IMG_1165at the Israel Diamond Exchange and in 1992 decided to go into partnership, establishing Sorum Diamonds. In the early days they built their business on what was most popular, buying rough and manufacturing white diamonds of .50 to three carats.

Business went well, but they began to look for something special that would set them apart from all the other companies in the Israeli bourse. About twenty years ago they found their special niche when they discovered fancy yellow diamonds. They became one of the first Israeli companies in the diamond exchange to manufacture and trade in fancy colors. Later on, they began to specialize even further by concentrating on very large, prestigious stones, mainly in fancy colors and fancy shapes, with each stone worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

As the company developed, Meir and Michel dec3ided that they needed to expand geographically. They opened an office in New York, where Michel is now based. Today they manufacture in both Israel and New York.

Sorum specializes in offering very expensive items – matched pairs and layouts of fancy yellow diamonds, sometimes combined with white diamonds. They offer some mounted jewelry, but mostly sell layouts, since these give inspiration to jewelers. They cater to customers worldwide, often high-end jewelers with their own stores or retail chains. Many of their customers are from the United States but they also have excellent clients in Singapore, China, India, Hong Kong and Russia.

Due to the unique type of goods they offer, in the United States Sorum exhibits mainly in antique shows, exhibiting several times a year in Las Vegas and Miami. They also exhibit in all diamond and jewelry shows in Hong Kong, within the Israel Diamond Pavilion.

Meir says2 that their greatest selling point is their credibility. “We are known for honesty and trustworthiness. We make every effort to be fair. We won’t be the least expensive but we will always give the best value.” Michel adds that Sorum devotes meticulous attention to quality, offering only stones of outstanding beauty, clarity and workmanship.

The partners say that they are looking forward to the September Hong Kong show. They will be bringing many unique, special diamonds and diamond jewelry to the Hong Kong show. A few examples: earrings of 7 carats each and a diamond of 30 carats. “Shows in Hong Kong are always good. We see our longstanding clients and meet new ones,” says Meir. “Buyers at the Hong Kong shows come from all over the East. There are always surprises at the Hong Kong shows,” Michel adds.


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