Spectra Gems – Experts in Precision Diamond Cutting and Setting, as Well as Trading in Unusual Fancy Shapes and Old Cuts

DSC_1151 (Copy) One of the most unusual companies in the Israel Diamond Pavilion at Hong Kong September is Spectra Gems. This is a small company that specializes in two very different and expert niches in the diamond industry; one based on the latest technologies, the other on historical skills and techniques.


Spectra was established in 1984 in the Israel Diamond Exchange by Jeremy Graus, who qualified as a gemologist in the U.K. and later immigrated to Israel. While still in London Jeremy joined his father’s antique jewelry business, where he dealt in old diamond cuts and important jewels. Although Spectra has branched out into other specialized fields of diamond manufacturing, old and unusual diamond cuts remains Jeremy’s passion and it is still an important part of his business.


2014-03-04 12.50.11In the area of diamond manufacturing, Spectra specializes in precision cutting and setting of square and straight edge diamonds for the high end watch and jewelry industries in Europe and the Far East. The company was one of the first in Israel to manufacture princess cuts for invisible settings, and was the first in the industry to employ CNC in the manufacturing process.


Spectra’s work is so well regarded and the outcome of such high quality that they recently have begun to design and create their own private label diamond set watches, which they supply to clients to sell under their own labels. These rich looking watches feature exclusive and original designs, top quality craftsmanship and Swiss movements, but at a much lower price than name brands. This is a new product line for Spectra, which has been received with great interest, and which they believe has great growth potential.


UntitledA totally different wing of the company is trading in old and unusual cut diamonds. Jeremy personally oversees this side of the business, which requires considerable expertise and knowledge. He collects stones from all over the world and creates pairs and jewelry layouts using these antique cuts. This is a niche market, but an active one, with buyers and collectors around the world, many of them creative jewelry designers and high end jewelers. Old cut stones have become more and more popular over the past 20 years, with many buyers attracted by the provenance of the stones as well as by the softer light reflected in these cuts. Fortunately Spectra has developed a reputation as one of the primary dealers in these types of stones.


One example of an unusual cut is the kite, which Spectra manufactures and which is quite rare. Spectra will be bringing to the Hong Kong September show a layout for a necklace and earrings of kite shaped diamonds with total carat weight of 30 carats. In addition, Spectra will be showing layouts for bracelets and pairs for earrings and rings featuring unusual cuts over one carat.

Spectra will also be showcasing their own exclusive private label watches at the September Hong Kong show.

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