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The Moshe Levy Diamonds team today
The Moshe Levy Diamonds team today

Moshe Levy Diamonds is first and foremost a family. The company includes founder Moshe and his three children and son-in-law. The environment is warm and caring, a fact that is appreciated by both employees and customers. Many of Levy’s employees have been with the company for years and years. As Moshe Levy says: “Even those who aren’t relatives are family to us.”

Moshe Levy began his career in diamonds immediately upon his release from the army in 1976. He had no prior connection to the diamond industry, but answered an ad in the newspaper. At the time the diamond industry was hiring and training people on the job as diamond polishers.

Levy began working in a diamond polishing plant in Ramat Gan and soon became a skilled polisher. An ambitious young man, he decided to open his own polishing plant. However, eventually he wanted more; he wanted to sell the diamonds he manufactured. In 1989 Levy opened a diamond trading office in the Israel Diamond Exchange and in 1991 he became a bourse member.

Moshe Levy Diamonds has a long history
Moshe Levy Diamonds has a long history

From the beginning, Levy specialized in baguettes and tapers, and when the princess became popular he specialized in that cut as well. Today, joined by his two sons Itay and Dor, his daughter Nofar and son-in-law Tamir, Levy still specializes in squares and side stones. The company produces the full range of square shape diamonds and side stones – princess, Asscher cut, emerald, carre, baguette, tapers, trapezoid and half-moons. As perfectly matched pairs, their goods are used in rings and earrings. In larger series they are set in bracelets and necklaces. In addition to polishing facilities in Israel Levy opened his own factory in Thailand, where smaller diamonds up to 30 pointsare polished.

From the beginning, Levy concentrated on marketing to the United States from coast to coast.  While the United States is still a very important market for them, in around the year 2000 Levy began to explore Asian markets.With the help of the younger generation, the company developed an important clientele there and opened its own office in Hong Kong in 2011. Today Moshe Levy Diamonds services clients in Hong Kong and the entire region, selling to jewelry manufacturers, wholesalers and private stores.

The Moshe Levy advantage stems from service. The company can provide large quantities of matched precision cut stones for large scale jewelry manufacturing – in the exact size, weight, clarity, color and quantity needed. As manufacturers they can commit to a steady supply. But they also provide smaller quantities for independent jewelers. In short, they strive to provide exactly what the customer needs and to be consistently reliable over the long-term.

But their advantage doesn’t end there. Moshe Levy Diamonds is known for very high quality goods which are suited to the most prestigious jewelry. This is a niche market, and there are only a handful of companies in the world who can compete with the Moshe Levy product.

More of the Moshe Levy Diamonds team
More of the Moshe Levy Diamonds family

With an eye towards Asia, the company has been exhibiting in the main Hong Kong shows for the past decade. This is the second year that they are showing in the HKJMA show in November.

Their experience in the Hong Kong shows has always been good. Even this year, with the markets in Asia at a low, they report that Hong Kong September was very good for them. “We sold to customers throughout Asia — in Thailand, India, Australia, Sri Lanka and more,” says Itay.

However, they are very aware that the market is tough now and that they need to lower expectations. In advance of the November show, they are contacting their regular clients to learn what they need and will be supplying them at the show. “We market a lot – through the internet and mailing to our clients. We are doing the most we can, and hope for the best,” Itay said.

As professionals, the Moshe Levy team knows that there are ups and downs in all businesses. As a family, they will continue to support their clients, and each other, to make the best of the situation.

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