Broide Eliezer Diamonds: Creativity and Dynamism Make Good Business


IMG_0402The atmosphere at Broide Diamonds is light, cheery and bursting with activity. From the cartoons on the large screen as you enter, to the never ending stream of dealers coming and going, Broide is a bit of a madhouse. But a jolly, friendly and fun place to be.

Founded in 1965 by Eliezer Broide, who began his career in the diamond industry by learning diamond cleaving in Belgium, the company specialized in manufacturing large stones when the Israeli industry was concentrating on melees. When Eliezer’s son Miki entered the business in 1995, the company began to develop in a different direction – in addition to manufacturing, they began buying polished stones in Israel and selling them quickly at attractive prices to customers who recognize a good deal when they see one.

Miki calls his unique way of doing business “on the table,” which means that whatever he buys he turns over right away, via a small army of salesmen who visit clients in the U.S., Hong Kong, China and Europe on a regular basis.

Although Broide specializes in fantasy shapes – white and fancy colors – one carat and up to 20, Miki says that he is always open to unusual stones. “Each market looks for a different type of goods. In each city, in each country there is someone who will want a particular diamond. When I see a diamond I know who I can sell it to,” Miki says.

11535783_476144669232824_8884586545491387039_nMiki says that his special niche is not having one. “We don’t have a niche. We’re a diamond supermarket,” he says. He notes that the reason is largely because of his personality. He loves the dynamism of buying and selling. “Our office is one of the most dynamic in the whole diamond exchange,” he adds.

In addition to visiting customers, Miki exhibits at trade shows around the world. The company exhibits in all of the exhibitions in Hong Kong, including the upcoming HKJMA show in November. They also show in JCK Las Vegas and in BaselWorld. In keeping with the lively and friendly atmosphere of the office, Broide’s booths are always fun places to visit. “Our booth features comics and we always offer food and drink. Recently we began to bring a popcorn machine with us, and I can tell you that freshly buttered popcorn attracts a lot of customers,” says Miki.

With the diamond industry going through difficult times, Miki Broide says that it is even more important today to be creative. “There are 160,000 jewelry retailers around the world and almost all of them buy goods some of the time. There will always be sales, the question is: Who will sell to whom? I believe there are enough opportunities for all. We need to work a little harder now. But with ingenuity, mutual respect and confidence we can still succeed,” says Miki.

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