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The Israeli Diamond Industry – Hub of the Diamond World



The Israeli Diamond Industry is one of the world’s largest and most important diamond trading centers worldwide, for both rough and polished diamonds.


The Israeli Diamond Industry is based on a tradition that goes back hundreds of years. We take pride in our professional expertise, creativity and resourcefulness as well as our adherence to a strict ethical code.


The highly secure Israeli Diamond center, comprised of four interconnected towers, houses the world’s diamond largest trading floor, offices of over 3000 bourse members and all the services and amenities required by traders and buyers alike.


A visit to the Israeli Diamond center is like a trip to a huge supermarket. Every type of diamond in every size, shape and quality can be purchased in Israel: small, medium-sized and large stones, rounds and fancy-cuts, special cuts innovated by Israeli and other diamantaires, white diamonds of every grade and natural colored diamonds in every shade. Our ability to guarantee a steady supply of any type of goods makes Israel a most attractive supplier to the jewelry industry.


The Israeli Diamond Industry is at the forefront of technological innovation in the diamond industry. Technological leaders such as Sarine and Ogi, based in Israel, have changed the face of the world diamond industry, and now provide technology to the entire world. Israeli advances such as lasers and automated polishing have streamlined the manufacturing process internationally. Moreover, our highly skilled manpower, as well as the incorporation of second and third generations into the industry, help to preserve Israel’s status as an international leader.

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